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Seattle Opera
Seattle art arts theater music gig festival broadway tickets

Find theater, art, music, shows, festivals...with posters

How does it work?

To see posters, just click and drag in the window. To zoom in on a poster, click it. Each poster is linked to the venue. Mouse over the zoomed poster and a link will appear. Click it to visit the venue, where you can learn more about the event – and buy tickets.

What is CoffeeHouseWall?

We’re a new kind of listings calendar built with images. You can find out what’s going on in Seattle by looking at posters!

Got your own event to publicize? Go to our upload page and post your poster on the wall. Then tell your friends about it.


What else does Coffeehousewall.com do?

Want to find all of the theater or film offerings? Just use blue tabs in the navigation bar. The posters will sort according to your interests. .

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Seattle art arts theater music gig festival broadway tickets
Seattle art arts events music theater show gig broadway poster

Why post with Coffeehousewall.com?


Find new customers: Reach people who are searching for the art and entertainment you provide.


Advertise nationally and globally: Connect with out-of-town visitors before they arrive.


Reduce costs: Email your poster jpeg and avoid printing and distribution expense.


Measure your results: Track how many people saw your poster and acted on it.


Book-It Repertory Theatre
Experience Music Project Science Fiction Museum Seattle
Seattle Repertory Theatre
Seattle Arts and Lectures SAL lectures.org
Pacific Science Center Seattle
Showbox Sodo Market Showboxonline
Showbox Sodo Market Showboxonline
Annex Theatre Seattle
Second Story Repertory Theatre Redmond Seattle
youth theatre northwest! seattle
Seattle Children's Theatre
Seattle Intiman Theatre
Village Theatre Issaquah
Seattle Public Theatre
STG Presents Seattle Theater Group
Seattle Events
Seattle art arts theater music gig festival broadway tickets
Seattle art arts theater music gig festival broadway tickets
Seattle Events
Seattle Events

Use navbar tabs to drill down on your interests.

Who posts with Coffeehousewall.com?


These arts organizations are among the many who’ve discovered the new way to list.


You can, too.  Click here for more information.



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